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General Litigation Attorney in Indiana County Who Fights for Your Rights

Experienced in contracts, defamation, personal injury, will contests, consumer protection, employment discrimination, boundary line disputes and unfair debt collection practices

If you have a dispute where you need an experienced attorney to fight for you, whether to file a lawsuit or defend one, you can rely on the expertise of Attorney Michael Vaporis, with civil trial experience in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan. Some of the areas covered are:

Contracts-motor vehicle purchases and leases, construction contracts, employment agreements, real estate purchase/sales agreements, landlord-tenant disputes.

Consumer Protection-lemon law motor vehicle claims, unfair debt collection.

Defamation-both libel and slander cases involving injury to reputation or business.

Employment Discrimination-sex, age, race, and national origin discrimination, and sexual harassment in the workplace.

Personal Injury-motor vehicle, product liability and slip and falls.

Property-Boundary line, deed and easement disputes.

Will Contest-and other challenges involving estates, power of attorneys, and inheritances.

We’ll walk you through the your case — step by step

When you search for litigation lawyers in Indiana and surrounding counties, choose Kayden & Vaporis, LLC to evaluate your case as soon as possible. We’ll assess your case and any settlement offer you might have. Kayden & Vaporis, LLC will be able to discuss with you the good points and bad about your case, what your case may cost you, and your chances of success. Call 724-465-5653 or contact us online. We are conveniently located in downtown Indiana.