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The Chapter 7 Attorneys of Indiana County Who Handle the Most Bankruptcy Cases

Is Chapter 7 right for you?

Bankruptcy law is a federal process available to you if you’re seeking to either eliminate or repay your debts. One of the most common types of bankruptcy for individuals is Chapter 7, which allows you to erase the majority of your debts. At Kayden & Vaporis, we handle more bankruptcy cases in Indiana County than any other firm. We evaluate your situation, explain all of your options and based on your goals, we work together to decide if Chapter 7 bankruptcy is right for you.


Property you can keep

When you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can keep all property that is exempt under federal law. The most experienced Indiana County Chapter 7 attorneys can help you take inventory of your exempt assets and ensure that you will be on solid ground after filing bankruptcy.

Property you are allowed to keep when filing Chapter 7 includes:

  • equity in a home you are living in
  • equity in a motor vehicle
  • household goods (up to $600 per item)
  • tools of your trade
  • All term life insurance and  unmatured life insurance
  • All disability benefits and health aids

Debts you still owe

Although many of your debts will be excused, there are some you won’t be able to discharge with a bankruptcy filing. These debts include:

  • Income taxes due for the last three years
  • Property taxes if you are keeping the property
  • Student loans
  • Alimony and child support
  • Most fines
  • Debts arising from a DUI

Chapter 7 can truly give you a fresh start.

Our team is now your team

Hiring the most accomplished Chapter 7 lawyers in Indiana County means you get our entire team of bankruptcy professionals working on your case. When you come in to get started, our experienced attorneys Michael Vaporis and Katrina Kayden review your situation in detail. Our bankruptcy staff answers your additional questions and offers guidance in fill out the necessary forms. We stand by your side through the entire process, including representing you at hearings and court appearances.

Connect with the Indiana County lawyers who understand your concerns about bankruptcy

Schedule a consultation with the bankruptcy lawyers in Indiana County who handle the most Chapter 7 cases. Call Kayden & Vaporis at 724-465-5653 or contact us online. Your first half hour consultation is free. We also handle cases in Armstrong, Cambria, Clearfield, Clarion, Jefferson and Westmoreland Counties.