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Family Law Attorneys Indiana County Handle It All

We provide a guiding hand with your divorce and child custody

Family law issues are among the most emotional and personal areas of law. They put an extreme amount of stress on your shoulders. The lawyers here at Kayden & Vaporis, LLC have experience in family law, in three states. Although we concentrate primarily in divorce and child custody issues, we also handle:

  • Paternity actions
  • Abuse
  • Support
  • Adoption
  • Custody disputes
  • Name changes

We guide you through it all by providing compassionate support and knowledgeable advice in both contested and uncontested areas of family law.


Divorce is one of the most difficult decisions you can make. It not only affects you but your children and extended family. While searching for an Indiana County family law attorney, you will learn that there are two types of divorce you can choose: contested or uncontested.

Contested divorce — you and your spouse cannot work together, even with the support of your attorneys. At trial, the judge will make all decisions based on your lawyers’ arguments.

Uncontested divorce — you are able to work together with the assistance of your attorneys. It may not be amicable, but you can at least negotiate and resolve the separation of property and debts on your own. Then once any court-mandated waiting periods are over, a judge will grant you your divorce.

Regardless of which route you take, your family law attorneys in Indiana County draft your divorce papers. We write your divorce decree with empathy while never forgetting about your future, protecting your rights and your assets along the way.

Child custody

In Pennsylvania, the courts don’t favor either the father or the mother, but they look at the relationship each parent has with the children. Child custody lawyers in Indiana County will explain to you that while others may seek custody as well, e.g., grandparents or aunts and uncles, first consideration is given to you, the parents. Our state has a very specific set of steps families must work through in order to finalize custody issues, which can always be modified at a later date as the children grow and everyone’s needs change. Our Indiana County family law attorneys will walk those steps with you, providing guidance and advice along the way. We then draft a custody agreement that benefits both parents and children as much as possible. Our goal is to find a balance everyone can live with.

Rely on Indiana County’s most approachable family law attorneys

You need someone to lean on and confide in at this time in your life. Call the most approachable divorce attorney in Indiana County at 724-465-5653 or contact us online. Your first half hour consultation is free. We’re conveniently located at 840 Philadelphia Street, Suite 301, Indiana, on the corner of 9th and Philadelphia, across from the courthouse and the library. There is on-the-street metered parking and a parking garage only two blocks away.